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 Well guys/gals!! we all want to be in contact with people we've known and spent the best time of our lives with... But unfortunately as we move along with our lives, we loose track of our old companions, and when at some point in time we want to look back and find them, its too late......
 So here's my attempt to keep track of all the friends I've been with and friendship of whome I cherish.

For all the OLF'ians (Aligarh)

Wanna sign up for AMU (any batch)?
Wish to contact everyone from AMU batch 97 (Engineering)?
Well! I must tell u, this group mailing list (operated by one of our friends) is great.

What about people from AMU batch 96 (Engineering)?

And here are links to a few of my friends' pages which include batch mates, old friends and some of my colleagues at DUET.
Forth coming Page for BATCH 97 from AMU!
Sharad Kaushik
Neeraj Paliwal
Brijesh Varshney
Chandra Prakash Manglani
Rohit Sharma
    If any of u guys/gals reading this have u'r own pages, please let me
   know.  I'll be more than happy to include u'r URL in this list.

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